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Blue In Green

Blue In Green

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Reviews Quotes

"Terry Plumeri's bowed bass work is endlessly compelling."

"Blue In Green is an album bubbling with creativity, interactivity, magnificent improvisations, and the combined experience, sensitivity, and desire of three consummate musicians performing eight essential pieces from the jazz and standard repertoire. Go and listen."
- Jazz Improv Magazine

"Plumeri has a wonderful gift for lyricism."
- Double Reed Review

"Stunning...a very high level of music."
- Washington Post

"Plumeri displays tremendous musicianship."
- Bass World Magazine

"Extraordinary bowing facility."
- Jazz Improv Magazine

"Extraordinary bowing skill."

"Technically and esthetically stunning...Plumeri's music has a dramatic inevitability that carries the listener along without questioning and leaves him fully gratified."
- Fanfare Magazine

"The performances and solo improvisations on the parts of Terry Plumed on bass, David Goldblatt on piano and Joe LaBarbera on drums are outstanding."
- Jazz Improv Magazine


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Beautiful Love

Blue In Green

Autumn Leaves

Gentle Rain

Dolphin Dance



Round Midnight


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